Siemens APT

Siemens APT is an electrical components and parts brand leader in China that works closely with pushbutton, indicator lights, cam switch, tower lamps, and relay to write the future of better industrial value.



What products does Siemens APT make?

Under the strategic positioning and quality management system of Siemens, Siemens APT continues to enhance the original product family tree, such as the push button switch, indicator light, tower lamp, relay, electrical control enclosure, cam switch, limit switch and current transformer, etc.

Siemens APT as a professional manufacturer and supplier maintains the industrial leadership in low voltage electrical components and parts fields to provide better products and solutions to China and global markets.

Who does buy Siemens APT products?

After more than 20 years of promotion and application of Siemens APT products, it is widely used in electrical power, electric vehicle industry, electrical switchgear, internet data center, machinery, iron and steel, metallurgy, petrochemical, transportation, water treatment, food machinery, packaging, textiles, railway locomotive, subway & metro door, ports, construction and other industries.

The well-know cases including Qinshan nuclear power station, Sanxia hydropower station, the railway locomotives, Shenzhou 5 spaceship, Beijing capital airport, Shanghai Pudong international airport, the National Stadium, Shanghai Expo Garden, the Chinese Renaissance high-speed locomotive and other national key projects.

Before 2019, Siemens APT's main sales was in China market, and the products exports were less than 10 per cent of the annual sales. Its products are exported to North America, South America, Europe, African and southeast Asia. In the future, Siemens APT will put more efforts to strengthen the business development of overseas market.

Why does select Siemens APT?

First, Siemens APT focus on the manufacture of push button switch, indicator lights, selector switch, e-stop switch, and keep a leader position in China market.

Second, under Siemens unified quality management standard, Products of Siemens APT has the stable and reliable performance.

Finally, although Siemens APT is a subsidiary of sole investment by Siemens, it keeps its own brand and sales system. So, you can get the best price from here.